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If you are looking for Typical Horseback Riding Lessons, Day Camps, Birthday Parties or Bed & Breakfast Visit Rolling Hills Ranch

Freedom is Just a Ride Over the Hill

There are no age requirements for participants. We have seen individuals that are 18 months old, carefully held by their parents or a volunteer, seeking up the warmth and movement from being on the back of the horse. Our oldest client was 95 years of age; he was one of our military veterans. The program is directed to the needs and abilities of the individual, not their age.

Participant Forms

New Participant Sign Up Form

Medical Update Form needed after you ride with us for 1 year

Barn Guidelines and Lesson Policies

Renee, thank you for today. My back has been screaming at me for 2 weeks. Not being able to stand for more than 5 mins doing dishes.Since riding today, my back is a happy camper. No pain and I am flexible. No need for a pain pill.

For the physically impaired

For the physically impaired riding a horse can play a significant role in their rehabilitation. Clients who have tired of conventional therapy, and therefore cease to respond or progress, may be stimulated psychologically and physically by being with the horses and riding. The warmth and motion of the horse will benefit little used muscles and in many cases decrease muscle spasms. The horse also provides the sturdy legs to take its rider as far as the imagination allows.

For the emotionally challenged

For the emotionally challenged the partnership of horse and rider can offer a whole new aspect of life. Riding takes concentration, self-control, balance and motivation. The emotionally challenged rider’s self-esteem / self-image is greatly improved. After all, not all people choose to control such a large animal. Aside from all the mental and physical benefits, being with the horses is fun. It is an opportunity to meet many new people, animals and play games all while participating in a very safety oriented unique therapy. Our riders also have the opportunity to compete in local, regional and state competitions.

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