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Two months ago, Alyssa was very afraid to ride a horse. Who could blame her, she spends most of her time in her wheelchair watching her friends run around and play. We were going to lift her out of her wheelchair and onto Sunny, our wonderful, sturdy Fjord. Alyssa was very brave, she allowed her Dad to pick her up, place her on the bareback pad which was on top of Sunny. But oh my did she hang on to the handle in front of her. There was no way she was letting go. I coxed her, I sang head, shoulders, knees and toes, but she was not letting go.

Two months later she is riding in a saddle, sitting up like a Princess and giving orders to her subjects. Her confidence has blossomed. She even uses a long sturdy stick to pick up rings which her knights and ladies in waiting must wear upon their heads. Alyssa has come a long way. She sits up beautifully as she steers Sunny through obstacles. Sunny, the pony, gives her the strong legs Alyssa needs to go places she has only dreamed of.

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