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If you are looking for Typical Horseback Riding Lessons, Day Camps, Birthday Parties or Bed & Breakfast Visit Rolling Hills Ranch

Life-changing Insight

Working with horses can provide veterans with life-changing insight and help with managing emotions, Horses can teach presence, honesty, and cooperation and help veterans unwind and renew their emotional and mental energy.

The partnership of horse and rider can offer a whole new aspect of life. Riding takes self-control, balance, and motivation. Veterans experience improved self-esteem and self-image–not all people can control such a large animal!

Horseback riding provides veterans the opportunity to escape from the daily concerns, night terrors and PTSD. Horsemanship is used to help vets gain the respect and willingness to collaborate from those with whom they live and work.

Horses are very clear about trust. Gaining the trust of an animal who is honest about who he follows is very empowering! Besides all the emotional and physical benefits, riding is FUN! It provides the opportunity to meet new people and animals, while participating in a very safety oriented, unique therapy. Our riders also have the opportunity to compete in local, regional, and state competitions.

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